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Loftet 2022 foto erik berg 0509 web


THE LOFT bathes in gallows humour – showing it to be a true human coping mechanism that enables folk to laugh at the twin faux of evil and error.

Roulette illustrasjonsfoto knut bry


Roulette is often seen as a metaphor for life. After all, we can never know for sure what our choices will lead to. In this new theatre production, both life itself and the stage twirl and spin.

Bilde funnet pa loftet til jo stromgren


How are our memories affected by nostalgia and subjective memory? And how are these memories interpreted in different ways by different people? The Hat honours the 50th anniversary of the Polish Dance Theatre and is all about how we relate to memories that are starting to fade.

Jsk made in oslo by jubal battisti ring1 web


For more than three decades Oslo Danse Ensemble was the most popular dance company in Norway. Paradoxically, the company never performed abroad. When the company closed down in 2018, an interesting afterthought appeared: how can we expect the world to understand our domestic culture if we keep it a secret?

Systemfeil blank foto tomas kold


Finding love is hard. Especially when risking everything on a blind date. Even more so if the date happens to be in a brand-new smart home with integrated sign language translation!

Web the dropouts 2208 photo jubal battisti


It is not easy being in a circus. Usually, the ones doing the same old tricks, the same old way, are the ones who can join the crew and become artists. Those who think differently must leave and become something else. But not anymore!

Sanningen om dans 2022v håkan larsson 7


There are three categories of people; those who love dance, those who hate dance and those who do not care at all. Common to all is that they have completely misunderstood what dance is. Maybe the reason is that the dance does not even understand itself? If you are curious about the answers, there is only one thing to do – see the performance The Truth about Dance.



The performance delves into the physical routine of football and elevates the aesthetic aspects of its insanity. It comments the difference between “common sports” and “eloquent arts”, likewise the concept of working-class football and upper-class ballet.

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The Ministry of Unresolved Feelings has scarce resources but an important mission. The caseworkers are responsible for solving problems that no other agencies can remedy. The paper stacks in the incoming tray grow ever higher, but a surprisingly high number of applicants have their cases reviewed.

Salve regina 2017 foto erik berg 1884


Life is miserable. Yes, indeed. Where can we find comfort and relief from its misery? SALVE REGINA is an associative journey through different eras. A fantastical time travel that anchors and agitates – through power and impotence, feudalism and individualism. The title of the performance refers to the Marian hymn which, for thousands of years, has offered comfort and hope to those who need it. And still, we need it.

Dsc 6990cropped hovedbilde


“The Door” aims to portray fundamental human features through a naivistic and associative scrutiny of a group of people separated by a wall. Everything seems more interesting on the other side and a narrow door becomes the important threshold of change. But as in life itself, people are never satisfied with what they have and the search for something better becomes an endless quest.



Four dissidents from the former Soviet Union are stranded in the interzonal area between East and West. In the far from harmonious atmosphere the essential question remains – should they continue towards the unknown or should they go back to what they know?

191015 tired man by jubal battisti 0512 (plakatbilde) juster 4:11   19 2 utgave


The show is about a man who oversleeps every day. When people cannot get up in the morning, they are often called lazy and indifferent. But if we follow this man’s extreme desire to change through a tiresome day, we may realize that he’s a hero.


The Society

A society of sworn coffee drinkers in Europe gather for their daily ritual. But harmony is broken by the discovery of a used teabag, probably Asian. How far are they willing to go in order to track the unpatriotic traitor down and bring this evil act to justice?

Future gym jsk  photo guro beitohaugen 10


A performance-demonstration about teaching of physical education in the future. The performance takes place in the theme’s natural habitat – the gymnasium.

Accident hovedbilde


THE ACCIDENT deals with a family reunion after a death. When the patriarch is buried, old family conflicts are being dug up and reviled.

Jsk corona sessions promo maja


Even though most of the world has come to a grinding halt, JSK is at full throttle. Weird films for weird times. Two artists meet for the first time. No preparations. Let’s see what happens!

Dsc 7245 jr


Outside a town is an abandoned house. One day two persons appear from different directions. They stand on either side of the house and think “I can live here!” One is an old sailor who has finally gone ashore. The other is a little girl who has run away from the orphanage.

Webczt3 dsc 6316 m.zakrzewski


”Life is like a book, they say. But life is written on thousands of loose sheets. You can tell a story and say it is the truth. But it’s a matter of choice. Of deciding which papers in which order. Our story is one of these.” Co-production with Polish Dance Theatre.

Coco 2


Few people in the fashion business have been as prolific and influential as Coco Chanel. But in one aspect, she may have been more ahead of her time than expected. Her staging of her own person and life story is no longer considered cynical nor questionable – today her career building strategies are almost basic knowledge for anyone who wants to climb ladders, be it in business or social life.

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A new dance movie by Jo Strømgren and Stein Roger Bull, following up the Rose d’Or winning “Neighbour”. Featuring cellist Truls Mørk and collaborating dance companies 420PEOPLE (Prague) and KAGE (Melbourne).

Nbr jskpressphoto1

The Neighbour

A lonely pianist on one side of a wall.
A couple with domestic problems on the other.
They can hear each other.

This is a film about singles and couples, about the chance to start over again, about how music affects us and how we affect music.



In a remote hospital, three nurses try to endure the lack of patients by injuring then treating each other, performing their duties on themselves as an alternative to the real thing. Not a healthy activity, but it passes the time. A military chopper is constantly passing overhead, revealing a far simpler explanation for their problems.


The Department

Four hardcore bureaucrats have for long been stuck in an office deep inside a government department. Secret message deliveries and bleeping lamps control their daily chores and the outside world has become nothing but a blurred memory. But they manage. Until one strange day when the smell of freshly baked bread fills the air.


Destination Moscow

A provincial theatre troupe in the former Soviet Union has ambitions of performing in Moscow. A sugar-smuggling pact with the mafia was supposed to make their dream come true, but endless circles in muddy outskirts are starting to rise doubts about the deal. Time has come for radical decisions and serious sacrifices.



Jo Strømgren Kompani offers a great variety of workshops, both for trained performers and amateurs. The workshops are led by experienced members of the company, who will challenge the participants’ boundaries and maybe take them outside their comfort zone. We can promise that all our workshops are filled with exciting tasks, exploration of movement and language, and a lot of fun!