The performance

Roulette is often seen as a metaphor for life. After all, we can never know for sure what our choices will lead to. In this new theatre production, both life itself and the stage twirl and spin.

In Roulette, we are witness to a rotating stage with lots of rooms – and lots of people, each with their own hopes and dreams. Regrettably, the stage stops at unfortunate moments and situations, which has dramatic consequences. The performance mercilessly portrays personal relationships, society around us and perhaps also the complicated geopolitics of our time.

Award-winning collaboration
Roulette is the second collaboration between the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre and the Jo Strømgren Kompani. The first was the performance The Door in 2018, which won no fewer than four national Lithuanian theatre awards. The performance has delighted audiences in performance spaces around the world and continues to be performed. The common factor in these collaborations is the use of actors who both dance and speak gibberish, in perfect keeping with the JSK’s classic signature.

Duration: 60 minutes
Premiere: Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, 6th of September 2023
Awards: Best Director at Dalias Tamulevičiūtė Festival


Previously touring



Direction, manuscript, choreography and set design: Jo Strømgren
Lighting design: Audrius Jankauskas
Costume design: Dovilė Gudačiauskaitė
Performers: Lithuanian National Drama Theatre
Illustration photo: Knut Bry