The performance

“The Door” aims to portray fundamental human features through a naivistic and associative scrutiny of a group of people separated by a wall. Everything seems more interesting on the other side and a narrow door becomes the important threshold of change. But as in life itself, people are never satisfied with what they have and the search for something better becomes an endless quest.

Are we free-spirited individuals, maybe even charming and creative, or are we merely chained to our behaviour like Pavlov’s dogs?

“The Door” marks a peak in the company’s 20 year long involvement in the Lithuanian theatre scene. Most of the company’s productions have been performed throughout the country since the warm reception of “Masculine Mysteries” at the very same Lithuanian National Drama Theatre in 1998. This is however the first time a collaboration features a full Lithuanian cast.

Duration: 75 minutes
Premiere: Anykščiai, Lithuania, 5th of October 2018
Language: Nonsensical
Awards: Golden Stage Cross 2018, the highest Lithuanian theatre award for Best choreographer of the Year by Jo Strømgren, Rytis Saladzius for Best actor, Vilius Vilutis for Best light design and Goda Palekatité for Best scenography.

A co-production with the National Theater of Lithuania


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“Proposes a complex social analysis through dance and emotions.”

Diario Sur, Spain

Previously touring

Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Spain


Author, director and choreographer: Jo Strømgren
Director Assistant: Dominyka Skarbaliūtė, Giedrė Kriauĉionytė
Set Designer: Goda Palekaitė
Light Designer: Vilnius Vilutis
Music: Heinz Gietz, Serge Gainsbourg, Jean-Marc Zelwer, Kevin Keller, Bob Merrill, Musiques Du Front: Haut-Krarbagh
Designer Assistant: Sima Jundulaitė