The performance

Jo Strømgren Kompani offers a great variety of workshops, both for trained performers and amateurs. The workshops are led by experienced members of the company, who will challenge the participants’ boundaries and maybe take them outside their comfort zone. We can promise that all our workshops are filled with exciting tasks, exploration of movement and language, and a lot of fun!

Inside the show
Rehearse scenes from our performances and experience a new logic. For professionals and college level students.

The imaginary journey
This workshop is linked to our children’s performance THE KITCHEN. Experiment with simple everyday movements known to the children, and see how they can be transformed into dance. For children age 5-12.

Voice and movement
Discover more possibilities of combining voice and movement. Focus on associative effects. For professionals and amateurs.

Dancing actors
Many actors trust the voice more than the body. Opening physical barriers with the right keys is an efficient alternative to sweaty hard work. Focus on personal movement language and how to refine it. For professionals and college level students only.

Nonsensical language
Intensify a psycological situation through verbal abstraction. For professionals and college level students only.

Lecture and debate
Screenings of repertory extracts. Explanation of working methods and artistic principles. Specific viewpoints can be requested.

Distribution strategy
Touring on a shoestring without artistic compromise. Suitable for independent groups, producers and related professionals. Logistics, shortcuts and long-term strategies that actually work.


General info:
Workshops depend on our availability.

Prices are calculated according to logistics, duration, and group sizes.

Workshops require the host to provide sufficient equipment for sound playback and video projection, as well as suitable locations without external disturbance.

Workshops are coached by our well experienced crew. Jo Strømgren himself is unfortunately unavailable most of the time although exceptions occur.

We usually keep a positive regard on mixed groups of participants. The hosts should however consider any extreme variation in skill levels and other issues that may separate a group.

We strongly ask hosts to respect the limit number of participants as excessing this will lesser the quality of the workshops.

We expect each participant to know a little bit about the company before attending our workshops. Having seen a live show is optimal, but not necessary. Research on this website beforehand should at least be recommended.

Our workshops are known to be fun and inspiring. Please do not hesitate contacting our office for inquiries or references.


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