Virus coco2

Happy summer!

For a couple of weeks rehearsal studios, touring vehicles and office seats will be replaced by refreshing swims, mountain walks and generous portions of ice cream. The JSK office will be closed in July, but in August we will be back preparing for a busy autumn, including production of our brand new performance The Virus and pre-production for our dance film Closed and puppet theatre Coco. In addition we will be touring dance extravaganza Czterdziesci, children’s show The Kitchen and old-time success A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football.
Enjoy your summer and remember sun screen!

Virus coco2

New productions 2016/17

During the next year Jo Strømgren Kompani will premiere two brand new productions, The Virus and Coco.
The Virus is a sought-after return to the essence of Jo Strømgren Kompani, to a mix of theatre and dance and nonsensical language, humanistic, absurdist and with unexpected twists around each corner.
Coco is the third coproduction with Ulrike Quade Company, featuring hyper-realistic puppets, intriguing walks between documentaric facts and provocative insinuations, and a great dash of wild imaginative theatre.


Survival of the fittest

After more than 80 performances over the past 3 years, to audience cheers and critics’ acclamation, we can definitely say that Origin of Species has “survived the fittest” and been a great success. The final performances this season take place this week at Mungo Park in Allerød, Denmark.


JSK for kids in Copenhagen

This week our children’s production The Kitchen will be part of the amazing SpringFestival in Copenhagen, an international theatre festival for children and young people. We will have performances both for school classes and for the general audience at ZeBU at Amager Kulturpark.



15 years ago, THERE had its premiere in Vilnius, as a part of New Baltic Dance Festival This year, the festival celebrates its 20th edition, and we are thrilled to be back to perform THERE as part of the festivals opening night. It feels like coming home.

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Visiting Oslo's newly opened cultural hotspot

This Saturday, 16th April, Jo Strømgren Kompani will perform our children’s production The Kitchen at Sentralen in Oslo. Sentralen is Oslo’s newest performance venue, and the biggest workshop in the country for creative cultural and innovation forces. We are excited to be part of their Saturday children’s program!


The nurses are coming!

After a successful run in New York at The Abrons Arts Centre the nurses of The Hospital have now returned to Oslo, and are eagerly looking forward to the run at The Norwegian Opera and Ballet. Come see the performance the New York Times describes as " an absurdist nordic version of M.A.SH". It runs from the 5th through the 9th of April at Scene 2.