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We are super exited to share the news of our new artistic collaboration with the acclaimed Norwegian singer and composer Anja Garbarek. Commissioned by Bergen International Festival The Road is Just a Surface, will premiere at Den Nationale Scene in Bergen in May 2018.

In our 20th anniversary year, Jo Strømgren Kompani has decided it’s time to try something completely new to us. In this exiting collaboration with Anja Garbarek we are presenting a brand new musical theatre experience. A peculiar universe composed of Anja’s extraordinary music and Jo Strømgren’s distinct physical language, in a scenograpy designed by Kristin Torp/graa hverdag as and with video images by Åsmund Bøe. Onstage we will meet Anja Garbarek herself, dancer Line Tørmoen and violist Bergmund Waal Skaslien.