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Happy New Year!

2018 kicks off with a trip to New York for our project manager Guri Glans. From 10th to 15th January she will be in New York as part of a delegation from the Norwegian performing arts scene, promoting both brand new works and current touring productions by Jo Strømgren Kompani.

The main event during these days will be the sixth edition of the convention Norway Now, taking place Sunday January 14th. Norway Now serves as an opportunity for North American presenters, curators and festival directors to discover a wide range of independent Norwegian artists creating exciting new works in film, dance, physical theater, opera, live music, puppet theater and video art. The event is organised by Performing Arts Hub Norway and held annually in New York City at the renowned Scandinavia House, where eighteen artists and producers give a 5-minute pitch highlighting one work that is ready to tour. This is followed by networking opportunities for international collaboration, co-production and presenting. Guri Glans will give a 5-minute pitch about our most recent premiere Salve Regina.

During her stay in New York Guri will also be available for meetings. Please contact her at guri@jskompani.no to set up a coffee date!