Salve regina 2017 foto erik berg 1880


Are you in need of comfort and relief? This Saturday our brand new co-production with the much loved Oslo Danse Ensemble Salve Regina opens at Dansens Hus in Oslo.

The title refers to the Maria hymn, which for hundreds of years has given hope and comfort for those who need it. We are so eager to share with you this imaginative time travel through anchoring and agitation, power and impotence, feudalism and individualism. And with a lot of humor too.

Salve Regina is a co-production between the much- loved Oslo Dance Ensemble and internationally acclaimed Jo Strømgren Kompani. Both companies have their established distinctive character, but if you take the best of both and mix it, we think the audience can have the best of both worlds. And maybe even more.

So take a break from stressful christmas preparations and get yourself and a friend tickets for Salve Regina. The show runs through the 17th of December. We recommend a glass of gløgg in the Dansens Hus bar before or after the show, for total relief.