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New office in Oslo

On February 1st, Jo Strømgren Kompani moved into its new office at Uranienborg Terrasse 9 in Oslo. The new office phone-number is (+47) 22460459. The company also has a new General Manager: Guri Glans, who has performed with the company in “The Hospital” and “The Convent”.

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The Society is back

The much loved 2008 production “The Society” will be back on the road from January until the end of March 2010. Please contact the office for booking the show.

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JSK celebrated ten years in action

Last year it was already 10 years since Jo Strømgren Kompani was officially founded. It has been 10 years of vigorous touring all over the world. Over the years the company has visited over 45 countries with over 15 different performances. Presently over 100 performances are played annually.