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Touring Russia

“A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football” is completing an adventurous football season with a two weeks tour of Russia, visiting the cities of Lipetsk, Tambov, Rjazan and Krasnojarsk, Siberia.

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A North Atlantic adventure

Jo Strømgren Kompani is visiting two beautiful and fascinating north atlantic islands this spring; Greenland and Faroe Islands.

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14 years after its creation, A DANCE TRIBUTE TO THE ART OF FOOTBALL is bound for Holland and Belgium. These countries have seen various JSK shows earlier, most recently through intensive touring of DE SCHRIJVER. Now they have the chance to see a true original, which has been of inspiration to many other choreographers, done as it was in 1997 and still nowhere near any trends. The tour is managed by Baasbank & Baggerman.

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Our Rose d’Or winning film THE NEIGHBOUR will have its first TV transmission on NRK1 Sunday 6th of March at 22:45. Schedules on other European TV channels will follow.
More info about the film HERE.

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JSK ready for 2011

Jo Strømgren Kompani is leaping into the new year with two brand new premieres including the long – awaited follow-up of our box office boosting football -performance. Also we are happy to announce that “The Society” is finally available for touring!

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On Dec 14th at Scène Nationale Le Carré in Château-Gontier, THE WRITER rounds off a successful 2010 JSK season with a record high of 195 shows in 20 countries with 5 productions, a number of prestigious prizes, and a lot of stories to tell. As the biggest exporter of theatre and dance from Scandinavia, JSK hopes that quality and nerve has been preserved in every show. Being Scandinavian involves a responsibility.

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The traditional JSK December residency at Dansens Hus in Oslo is coming up, presenting two weeks of thoughtful entertainment before Christmas blows all reason away. Same procedure as every year, James. From Dec 2nd to 12th.

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For the first time since the successful full length showcase of THE SOCIETY at CINARS 2008, the company is back in Montreal this week with A DANCE TRIBUTE TO THE ART OF FOOTBALL at the Les Coups de Theatre festival for young audiences. The production from 1997 has toured in 22 countries and is approaching the 500-show milestone. However, this week marks the debut on the “Soccer” continent.