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Happy New Years from JSK!

We wish all our friends, collaborators and audience a Happy New Year!

Once again, we are turning the last page of a year filled with uncertainty and Corona, but we are keeping our spirits up and doing our best to look forward.

Through 2021, we have engaged eight brilliant dancers who have learned a repertoire of several performances and started working on a new piece – THE LOFT. THE LOFT, along with SALVE REGINA and MADE IN OSLO, will be going on an extensive Europe tour next Spring, where we will visit over 17 cities, from Serbia to Russia. The tour will end with a Norwegian premiere of THE LOFT at The Norwegian Opera and Ballet.

We want to highlight our newest dance film, THE ACCIDENT, produced in Prague this summer with Nordic Stories and premiered in September. Features violinist Vilde Frang, dancers from 420 PEOPLE and JSK, and Jo Strømgren himself!

Our family show, THE TIRED MAN, was performed no more than 89 times in 2021, and we want to acknowledge our crew Anders Sanzén and Bo Platzack for finishing the tour with great success. We finally got to perform, after several cancelations, our classic THERE at The Opera, celebrating 20 years since the premiere, and THE MINISTRY OF UNRESOLVED FEELINGS and GöteborgOperans Danskompani had its Norwegian premiere!

Warm greetings from the JSK team,
Anne, Vanessa, Mari and Jo

Photo: Jubal Battisti