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Spanish Success!

THE DOOR received great reviews after this weekend performances at Teatro del Soho Caixabank in Málaga!

Jo Strømgren was also handed the prestigious Golden Stage Cross for Choreographer of the year during the tour for THE DOOR – a Lithuanian theatre award.

Review from Málaga Hoy: ★★★★★

“Stromgren uses dance, theater, humor and other ingredients to explore (..). And the result is overwhelming, beautiful, touching, hurtful. Unforgettable.”

“The eight performers dance, laugh, cry, leave, enter, sing, hit, strip, make love, gag, climb the wall, in a physical display of precise technique and complex and balanced choreography. Such a repertoire of presences holds a spectacle of an exceptional poetic draft, full of images (…)”.

Review from Diario Sur:

“Proposes a complex social analysis through dance and emotions.”

" (…) the scenic components are outstanding and the quality of the performers stands out above all the elements of the work."

THE DOOR performed also in Spain in November last year at Festival de Otoño This award winning performance is a co-production with the National Drama Theater in Lithuania.