Grosstadtsafari jsk   photo erik berg

MADE IN OSLO premiering at NonStop International Theatre Festival!

JSK has gathered a selection of Jo Strømgren’s creations for Oslo Danse Ensemble into a quadruple bill of energetic choreographies made in Oslo, first time to be seen Friday 24th of September at NonStop Festival.

MADE IN OSLO features KVART (2007), GROßSTADTSAFARI (2010), THE RING (2014), and GONE (2015). Each piece treats a theme of its own, intending to portray different facets of contemporary living.

KVART explores a type of dance that is not so often shown on stage – dancers who dance for each other, where all movements are made on a square woolen blanket.
GROßSTADTSAFARI reflects on the accumulation of tension in crowded, hectic places. Strong and energetic about how the lack of private spaces in urban environments affects us.
THE RING – this choreography plays with perhaps the world’s oldest symbol, the ring, to crackling French music from the 1930’s.
GONE is a little wonder about the relationship between sadness and nostalgia, about where something ends and something else begins, and about the aggression and denials that one has to go through along the way.

We will also be performing A DANCE TRIBUTE TO THE ART OF FOOTBALL the same evening!

Gone jsk 2016   photo erik berg
Ring jsk 2014   photo erik berg