The performance

Finding love is hard. Especially when risking everything on a blind date. Even more so if the date happens to be in a brand-new smart home with integrated sign language translation!

Things don’t always go as planned, neither in the real nor the digital world. Unfortunately, the undo button only works in the digital world. Why shouldn’t people have the right to re-start or heedlessly blame system errors?

This is the first production Teater Manu and Jo Strømgren Kompani creates together, addressing meetings between people and how they are constantly complicated by linguistic challenges, digital mediums, and new norms for what’s accepted to talk about and not.

The performance is neither a moral lesson nor a scrutiny into sociology, but rather an attempt to mirror a melodramatic era with big emotions and no content. Jo Strømgren’s dramas always aim to reveal the banalities of modern human behaviour.

For those who like theatre with intellectual depth and curiosity – here is a warning – “System Error” is only an observation tower where we you can contemplate, recognise, and perhaps feel a bit shameful.

Duration: 60 minutes
Premiere: Oslo, Norway, 21st of April 2023
Language: Sign language, subtitles on screen

A co-production with Teater Manu


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Jsk systemfeil by jubal battisti 0083 web
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Directing, text, set design: Jo Strømgren
Cast: Ipek D. Mehlum, Ronny Patrick Jacobsen
Light design: Jan Harald Ovrum
Costume design: Bregje van Balen
Video design: Thomas Gallagher
Production: Jo Strømgren Kompani and Teater Manu
Photos: Jubal Battisti, Tomas Kold