The performance

A performance-demonstration about teaching of physical education in the future. The performance takes place in the theme’s natural habitat – the gymnasium.

Gym in the future is sustainable and naturally retains its equipment and apparatus.
The exercises, on the other hand, are completely new and are based on many years of interdisciplinary research.

Harmony between body and soul is the focus and all exercises relate to a theme, whether it’s politics, fashion, social anthropology or cultural history. A medicine ball is no longer a medicine ball, but a symbol of something more important in society. Wall bars are not something you climb, but a synonym for the brutality of life. Likewise, training clothes of the future mark a schism in relation to identity and diversity. Where the past has focused on suits and functionality, the future will emphasise uniqueness and friction. Swimwear in wool, for example, is muscle-building, and team strips in different colours create new synergies. On a more philosophical level, playing tennis without a ball is, for example, mentally stimulating.

We anticipate that the Future Gym will set the standard for next year’s curricula, not only in Norway, but throughout the world.

Duration: 45 min
Language: Norwegian. Other languages are available on demand.
Premiere: Showbox festival, Black Box Teater, Oslo December 2nd 2022

In co-production with Brageteatret.


Illustrasjonsbilde brageteatret framtidens gym web 1440x575 c
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Direction, choreography, text: Jo Strømgren
Performers: Preben Lillebø Rongve, Mattias Ekholm and Susie Davies
Set design, light design, sound design: Jo Strømgren
Costume design: Bregje van Balen
Co-producer: Brageteatret