The performance

Scandinavians love their houses. As residents of one of the richest regions in the world they certainly have the money to express their love, too. With record low working hours per week they also have the time. A house defines your personality, they say.

Critical voices do however claim that Scandinavian homes look quite impersonal. And appear surprisingly alike. This can of course be of lesser importance if the inhabitants are above average colourful and interesting. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Scandinavians though. A further scrutiny of the matter would perhaps raise the classic question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Do boring homes make boring people or do boring people make boring houses? Some philosophical issues are not worth pursuing, at least in critical situations where people are desperate for help. And Scandinavians are desperate, the problem is that most of them are still not aware of it.

Out of pure idealism and responsibility for a sustainable future, Trondheim Voices and Jo Strømgren Kompani have decided to provide assistance. Everything gets better with music. It connects our mundane treadmill lives to the greater ideas. What would a funeral be without music? What would a difficult childhood be without lullabyes? And how different isn’t a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do if there is jazz music in the background? We can watch a documentary about famine, war or animal suffering and feel nothing, but with the right music our emotions are triggered. So, if music can make us cry watching a film, why not cry in our own house instead? Trondheim Voices and Jo Strømgren Kompani have taken the challenge to create the optimal household soundscape. As indigenous Scandinavians with first-hand knowledge and understanding of local households, they are able to complete the holistic home experience with not only a series of exclusively composed music pieces but also a guide for domestic appearance. In other words, how to become above average colourful and interesting in your home. Even if no one is looking.

Premiere: Turnéteatret 20th of November 2021


Previously touring


Performers: Trondheim Voices
Composer: Eirik Hegdal
Director, set designer: Jo Strømgren
Costume designer: Bregje van Balen
Lighting designer: Stephen Rolfe
Producers: Trondheim Voices
Co-producers: Jo Strømgren Kompani