Origin of Species

The performance

Three actors shed different lights on Darwin’s theory of evolution, mixing factual and fictional angles. It challenged science and religion in 1859 and is still a source of major conflicts around the world. Co-production with Mungo Park Theatre (DK).

We climb aboard the HMS Beagle and share the thoughts, discussions and dreams of the man who changed the world.

The year is 1832 and the brig HMS Beagle is headed for the Galapagos Islands. On board is Charles Darwin, on the voyage of his life.

The adventurous 22-year old Charles had agreed to keep Captain FitzRoy company, and made notes of new discoveries in wildlife and geography in wide-eyed amazement. On the almost five-year long journey around the world he developed his theories on the origin of species – a theory that would revolutionise our entire worldview. But his findings clashed with the Biblical interpretation and led to loud discussions in the captain’s cabin.

Language: Danish
Supertitles: English
Premiere: Bergen International Festival, May 2013

In co-production with Mungo Park Theatre (DK)


Dsc 6851
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Entertaining theatre of high quality

Bergens Tidende, Norway

The performance leaves you comfortably satisfied, and it gives you the rare sensation of joy that persists even after leaving the theatre. That is a sign of quality.

Fredriksbeg Amt Avis, DK

Previously touring

Denmark, Norway


Direction, choreography, text, set: Jo Strømgren
Performers: Anders Budde Christensen, Peter Christoffersen/Henrik Prip, Nicolai Jandorf
Costumes, props: Katrine Bunton
Lighting design: Jacob Rasmussen
Sound design: Rasmus Overgaard Hansen
Music: Gorecki, J. S. Bach, Pergolesi, EMF, Los Paraguayos, Los Incas, Arthur Schwartz/Howard Dietz, Kurt Weill/Maxwell Anderson, Roger Whittaker, Hu Song Hua, Rachmaninov, Sting, Bergmund Skaslien, Jørgen Knudsen
Assistant director: Nukaka Coster-Waldau
Producers: Jo Strømgren Kompani, Mungo Park
Project manager: Tine Marie Lund, Anne Sophie Fogedby
Supported by: Arts Council Norway, Bergen International Festival