The Society

The performance

A society of sworn coffee drinkers in Europe gather for their daily ritual. But harmony is broken by the discovery of a used teabag, probably Asian. How far are they willing to go in order to track the unpatriotic traitor down and bring this evil act to justice?

The isolated conflict between drinkers of coffee and tea in a micro world is of course open for interpretation by audiences. JSK always tries to mirror the macro world by scrutinizing basic elements of contemporary phenomena. In our turbulent times the average citizen is, for example, ever more tempted to accept torture, the surpression of minorities, and other violent means in order to restore order and avoid a clash of civilizations.
These are potentially difficult themes, not only to discuss, but particularly to reflect in theatre. Much respect, cultural knowledge, and political insight is needed to provide credible standpoints in a international conflicts. But then again, one is also free to harass the seeds of such problems that are to be found universally.

Length: 65 min without interval
Language: Nonsensical French and some English
Premiere: Beirut, Lebanon, May 2008
Awards. Cuban Critic Award, Premio Villanueva 2012


© Knut Bry
© Knut Bry
© Knut Bry
© Knut Bry

The dance – a great cast with excellent plastic training and sufficiently large scenes where the characters can dance for real. The drama – great dialogues and general construction of the play, where the movements, with its quality and diversity, are still submitted the overall storytelling.

Moscow News, Russia

Whimsical like a dream, and reliable as thesis in psychology.

Kommersants, Russia

Strømgren’s pictures of manners and customs are based on accurate and, I must say, merciless observations.

Gazeta, Russia

Pure enjoyment. Comprehensible, funny, relevant, and unpredictable.

Novaya Gazeta, Russia

An extremely funny comedy.

Milenio, Mexico

The Society expertly straddles the fragile line between humor and horror.

New York Times, USA

It eats into your conscience, makes you laugh while you’re horrified, and edges the everyday world so far into fantasy that you doubt it can return. Nightmare has become the new reality.

Village Voice, USA

Previously touring

Australia, Canada, Cuba, Czechia, Estonia, France, Israel, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, Palestine, Poland, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, United States


Direction, script, choreography, set design: Jo Strømgren
Original cast: Bartek Kaminski, John Fjelnseth Brungot, Trond Fausa Aurvåg
Cast 2010-2011: Trond Fausa Aurvåg, Hallvard Holmen, Stian Isaksen
Sound design: Lars Årdal
Lighting design: Stephen Rolfe
Costumes, styling: Peter Löchstöer
Props: Tina Peios
Photographer: Knut Bry
Producer: Jo Strømgren Kompani
General Manager: Ann-Christin Danhammer, Inger Margrethe Stoveland
Project managers: Tine Rude, Solfrid Glesnes
Norwegian co-producers: Norwegian National Theatre, Bergen International Festival, BIT Teatergarasjen
Support: Arts Council Norway, City of Bergen
Support on selected venues: The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs