We've moved office!

We are excited to announce that we have moved our office to the most exciting cultural hub in Oslo, Sentralen. Come visit us on the top floor, where we sit together with a variety of companies involved in cultural production and social innovation.

Right in the heart of Oslo is the building that used to be home to the oldest savings bank in Norway, and has now been converted into a unique building with six fantastic venues for cultural experiences. Sentralen is also the workplace for over 350 creative people producing a range of cultural expressions and working to find new solutions to social challenges. Established institutes sit side by side with companies that are only just starting up. There are offices for cultural producers, ensembles, orchestras, festivals and anyone else involved in producing a cultural expression that will be presented to an audience. The top two floors are inhabited by SoCentral, a composite mixture of organisations working to find new solutions to social challenges.

In charge of the food and drink in the restaurant and ground floor café is some of the most exciting chefs in Norway. And as well as being a centre for the dissemination of culture and great ideas, Sentralen also has modern rehearsal and production rooms, and attractive meeting and conference facilities that are available for hire. The aim for Sentralen is to become one of our capital city’s most vibrant meeting places for people who love going to concerts, discussing social challenges or enjoying an excellent meal.

We are so happy to be part of this creative environment!