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THE VIRUS is on the road again

We continue the Norwegian tour of The Virus, visiting Bodø, Fosnavåg, Haugesund, Nøtterøy and Hammerfest this spring. In addition to performing for the general public, this production will introduce the younger audiences to modern dance, through school performances and workshops.

Fresh, new and funny! ★★★★★☆ (Aftenposten, Norway)

The Virus is a whimsical étude on the future visions of popular culture. The story takes place in a near future where something has gone terribly wrong. The source of the misery is found in a small desolate bunker: a machine that is infecting the world with a horrible virus. A small team sees the opportunity to solve the problem and give the world a restart, and an android is hired for the dangerous mission. But it turns out that even machines can have their own will, conscience and not least a very charming personality.

The Virus marks the company’s return to a formula which has been in hibernation for nearly a decade: the nonsensical language melodrama. The blend of intriguing storytelling, extrovert gestures, nonsensical language, and large portions of dance is considered by many to be the company’s signature and backbone, implemented as a solid reference through touring in almost 60 countries.

The touring schedule this spring includes Bodø (4th March), Fosnavåg (8th March), Haugesund (13th March), Nøtterøy (19th March) and Hammerfest (3rd May).
This tour of The Virus is organised by our co-producer Bærum Kulturhus – Regionalt kompetansesenter for dans as part of a pilot project for the recently established Dansenett Norge through audience building activities for schools and young audiences.