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Due to limited availiability, THE SOCIETY is only on tour for two months this year – to Norway, Sweden, Spain, and Australia. The busy Jan/Feb schedule covers Sandvika, Stavanger, Stockholm, Malmö, Málaga, Madrid, Albany, and Perth.

We are specially happy get exposure in Spain for the first time. Norwegian dance and theatre are hardly ever seen on Spanish venues and we put much pride in representing “los bárbaros del norte” with artistic impact and impeccable behavior. The highly regarded Festival Internacional de Teatro de Málaga and Teatro Fernán Gómez in Madrid is more than we would ever expect as first-timers in a country with sophisticated taste and demanding audiences. We promise Spaniards an out of the ordinary experience.

Our presence in Sweden has been low recent years, but the performances at Stockholm Stadsteater and Dansstationen in Malmö surely mark a change of winds. Worth to mention is that Dansstationen was the first venue the company visited on our first tour in 1998. Relations go way back.

Perth International Festival is one of the major culture events in Australia and we are happy to follow up on our previous successful 5 week run at the Sydney Opera House with THE DEPARTMENT and THE HOSPITAL. We originally intended a 6 week tour in Australia, but financial burdens reduced the tour significantly. We expect to have more Australian dates in upcoming seasons.

This tour also features two new actors, Stian Isaksen and Hallvard Holmen. Original cast Jon Brungot was drawn to accept an engagement at the Norwegian National Theatre and likewise Bartek Kaminski at Oslo City Theatre. The quality of the show is not suffering from the take-over, rather the contrary. The new cast proves to be even more sinister than the original one.