Mungopark bilde

The Disadvantages of Love

New collaboration with Mungo Park Theatre (DK) with the goal to create a performance in only 4 days! It will show at Dramtatikkens Hus in Oslo next Friday the 9th of November and later in Copenhagen.

The Disadvantages of Love delves into the melodrama genre and the photo story format. The production period is set to hilarious 4 days and culminates in an unpretentious performance at Dramatikkens Hus in Oslo and With a simple plot as a starting point, all dialogues, pictures, texts, storyline, music, and dramaturgy will be created from scratch. The ambition is to refresh ourselves with an impulsive and intuitive working method.

Dramatikkens Hus, Oslo, Friday 9th of November 5PM

Free entrance. Talkback with director and actors after the performance.

Director: Jo Strømgren
Actors: Henrik Prip and Marie Bach Hansen
Musician: Jonas Munck Hansen
Photos: Per Heimly