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SALVE REGINA at the Opera!

Are you in need of comfort and relief? Thursday 14th of November our co-production with the much loved Oslo Danse Ensemble Salve Regina performs at The Opera in Oslo.

The title refers to the Maria hymn, which for hundreds of years has given hope and comfort for those who need it. We are so eager to share with you this imaginative time travel through anchoring and agitation, power and impotence, feudalism and individualism again. And with a lot of humor too.

Salve Regina, our co-production with Oslo Dance Ensemble, premiered at Dansens Hus, Oslo in 2017. Since then it has received great reviews from Norwegian and Switss critics. «Beautiful», «sensitive», «elegant», «powerful», «humorous» and «exceptionally rich» are some of the words used by the critics to describe the performance.

The choreographer Jo Strømgren shows with “Salve Regina” that he still has a lot at heart. He is as creative as he has always been, and with an intact ability to surprise.
★★★★★☆ VG, Norway

There is burlesque humor, sensitivity, darkness and elegant diversions.
Vårt Land, Norway

The show runs from the 14th – 17th of November.

Original cast: Mikael Rønne, Matteo Carvone, Jubal Battisti, Mariama Slåttøy
New cast: Vânia Doutel Vaz, Angela Demattè, Vilde Viktoria Madsen