In rehearsal!

YAY! We are gearing up, and are starting rehearsals for The Road is Just a Surface, our exiting co-production with Anja Garbarek and Bergen International Festival. It premieres the 24th May at Den Nationale Scene. The performance features Anja Garbarek herself on stage, with dancer Line Tørmoen and violist Bergmund Waal Skaslien.
You can already listen to a song, The Will to Walk, from the performance right here!

Legs are aching /
 As he’s faking /
 The will to walk this day /

Since her debut in 1992, Anja Garbarek has been provoking the musical tension between art and pop with her theatrical expression, unusually rich in detail. Her internationally acclaimed musical universe has been described as profoundly visual.

The collaboration with JSK evolved from a desire to put Garbarek’s iconic sound landscapes into a theatrical setting, with audiovisual images, choreography, and interaction between the performers. Together, they explore the experience of being trapped in an emotionally locked life situation and the longing for moving on.

The Road is Just a Surface is commissioned by Bergen International Festival and will premiere at Den Nationale Scene in Bergen 24th May. The related album, including the singel The Will to Walk is produced by Anja Garbarek and Kåre Chr. Vestrheim, and released by Drabant Music.