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Pre-Christmas joy with THE KITCHEN

For the next two weeks our children’s production The Kitchen will perform for schools from all over Oslo, as part of Den kulturelle skolesekken (The cultural rucksack). Nearly 2000 school kids will join the little girl and the old sailor in their struggles for creating a co-existence in an desolate, abandoned kitchen.

“I thought it was fun because they were funny people, and they had practiced so they did everything totally perfect.” Ebba (9), Oslo, Norway

The original cast of The Kitchen has returned to Oslo after a successful visit to Copenhagen and Amager Børneteaterfestival, and will now perform 20 shows for schools in Oslo before Christmas.
The Kitchen presents a fun, but thought-provoking, story where the theme is in multiple parallel levels. On the surface it’s about how two very different people, despite large differences, can create a co-existence. Not only as a compromise, but as an everyday symbiotic relationship, in which both are happier than before. The underlying associations may go to the challenges of the multicultural life in Norway and the rest of the world, eternal bilateral political disputes, and if you want to read the play with depth perception – clash of different civilizations. Our experience is that elegant and clever use of simple symbols is the most evocative, which also provides content for adults and parents. The theme is so universal that adults can discuss further with the children at the level they want. Our ambition is to provide a basis for explaining the world’s problems in an elementary way.

“I liked the theatre because it was a bit weird and I like weird things.” Hermine (9), Oslo, Norway