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POLAROID on tour 2009

The production POLAROID is now on tour again!
After touring Norway extensively in autumn 2008, we now take POLAROID to new territory in USA, with a short stop-over in Denmark first.

POLAROID’s visit to Denmark will not be the first. The last time POLAROID was presented in Denmark it marked an historical event. It is the first theatre performance from Greenland in history to guest the Royal Danish Theater – even though Greenland has been a Danish colony for almost as many centuries as the theater has existed.
This time around POLAROID will be presented in Mungo Park in Allerød, just outside Copenhagen.

POLAROID is traveling to USA to perform at the Global DanceFest New Mexico in Albuquerque. Other Scandinavian dance companies have already been presented at Global DanceFest 2009, so our hope is that they have warmed up the audience for more Scandinavian dance. POLAROID will let the audience in on some secrets about what really goes on at the North pole……
The students attending The University of Wyoming will also have a chance to discover these secrets when POLAROID visits the University in early April. They will also get the opportunity to become even more acquainted with the Jo Strømgren Kompani and dance traditions from Greenland through two workshops, one on Jo Strømgren Kompani, how we work, build networks and how we manage to tour so extensively all around the world. The other is an exclusive, practical workshop in Mask Dance from Greenland.