Playing FOOTBALL in Northern Norway!

The Covid-situation almost put an end to our Football tour, with cancelled performances next week. But we are happy to be in the North for quarantine so we can perform in Hammerfest and Vadsø!

“It’s a cheeky, rumbustious celebration of the physical exuberance of football and dance.”
The Times (UK)

Can dance and football have anything in common? The answer is a roaring “yes”! A DANCE TRIBUTE TO THE ART OF FOOTBALL premiered back in 1997, as the world’s first football ballet at the time, and was remade in 2009 with a brand new cast of four young dancers. It has been on a victorious voyage all around the world, with performances for both young and grown up audiences.

Now we are excited about showing this successful production on a long school tour in the Northern Norway. Unfortunately, our performances in Alta has been cancelled, but we are on for Hammerfest and Vadsø, and then Harstad, Finnsnes, Halti and Tromsø! We can’t wait to show the student audience our version of the sheer entertainment and the arousing physical excitement of both football and dance.

A DANCE TRIBUTE TO THE ART OF FOOTBALL deals with the phenomena of football, the greatest game on earth. The performance delves into the physical routine of the sport and elevates the aesthetic aspects of its insanity. It is likewise a political comment to the artificial conflict of choice between the “common sports” and the “eloquent arts” as well as a kick to the pride and prejudice surrounding the concept of working class football and upper class ballet.

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