Norwegian premiere for The Virus

We are super excited to announce the Norwegian premiere of our brand new post-apocalyptic dance theatre piece: The Virus. Prepare for superhumans, unorthodox space travelers and fado music in this whimsical étude on the future visions of popular culture. Runs Nov 1. – 6. on The Norwegian Opera – get you ticket here.

JO STRØMGREN KOMPANI has continuously reinvented itself through an extreme variation of genres, from puppet theatre to large scale dance performances, from Ibsen to new drama, from film productions to provocative documentarism, from nerdy slideshow lectures to populistic entertainment. THE VIRUS marks the company’s return to a formula which has been in hibernation for nearly a decade: the nonsensical language melodrama. The blend of intriguing storytelling, extrovert gestures, nonsensical language, and large portions of dance is considered by many to be the company’s signature and backbone, implemented as a solid reference through touring in almost 60 countries. Not only does the company experience a growing demand for this original and unique genre, it’s also what’s closest to the company’s heart.

THE VIRUS is available for touring from spring 2017. Contact managing director Sunniva Steine for more information. Read more about THE VIRUS here.