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We are presenting our triple bill MADE IN OSLO at The Norwegian Opera and Ballet in Oslo August 25-28th!

A reunion with three of Strømgren’s best works! We are serving a three-course meal with energetic and distinctly different choreographies – made in Oslo.

Three energetic works offer thought-provoking contemplations on the present and our way of life: Kvart (2004), The Ring (2014) and Gone (2015). The award-winning Kvart takes place on a square woollen blanket and explores a type of dance not often shown on stage, namely dancers dancing for each other. Against a backdrop of crackling French music from the 1930s, Strømgren invites us to play along in The Ring – perhaps the world’s oldest symbol.
With a sense of wonderment, Gone explores the relationship between sadness and nostalgia, about where the one ends and the other begins and about the aggression and denial experienced along the way.

Created for the popular dance company
These works were originally created for the Oslo Dance Ensemble (ODE), one of the most popular dance companies in Norway for over three decades. Jo Strømgren was the choreographer with whom they worked most. Throughout the lifespan of the company, from 1994 to 2018, Strømgren created no fewer than eight works for them. ODE had never before danced beyond the country borders, but with Made in Oslo, these three works are meeting the world on an international tour. After having performed in Lithuania and Spain, the production is returning to the city where the works took shape – and to the Oslo Opera House.


Thursday 25th – 19:30
Friday 26th – 19:30
Saturday 27th – 18:30
Sunday 28th – 14:00

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