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JSK celebrated ten years in action

Last year it was already 10 years since Jo Strømgren Kompani was officially founded. It has been 10 years of vigorous touring all over the world. Over the years the company has visited over 45 countries with over 15 different performances. Presently over 100 performances are played annually.

These have been exciting and fun, but strenuous, years – during which we have had the pleasure of making good friends all over the globe.

To celebrate the years behind us, and all our hardworking members, we created two different events in two different cities of importance to us here in Norway. In Bergen – the company’s home town – we had a one-week festival in November in cooperation with our oldest and most trusted co-producer BIT Teatergarasjen. In Oslo we put our heads together with the newest player on the dance scene, Dansens Hus, and made a two-week festival in beginning of December.

At both places we put an emphasis on the features that have been such a big part of creating Jo Strømgren Kompani’s identity over the last years: The movement, the nonsensical language, the dark and absurd humour, the sound and lighting design combined with accomplished, close-knit performers. These characteristics have been especially evident in the recent years’ performances – which are the ones we showcased at our 10 year anniversary:

The Department, The Hospital, The Convent, The Orchestra, The Society, Polaroid and our feature film «Destination Moscow».

We look forward to ten, new adventures years – and we invite everybody along for the ride!

Published 04.11.2008