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“The result is impressive ensemble work from four performers whose look of unforced, alert connection adds to the mystery and sadness.” New York Times, USA

Performing November 26th-29th at The Norwegian Opera and Ballet in Oslo!

After hours of rehearsing, laughing and reminiscing about the old days, the revival cast Jan Ivar Lund, Mikkel Are Olsenlund, Ivar Sverrisson and Severin Romer Iversen are ready to perform THERE at The Norwegian Opera and Ballet.

THERE initiated the company’s NONSENSICAL LANGUAGE trademark, from where on we created our own international niche through long-term research on abstract text. Each production involved a completely new linguistic alias, inspired by a specific culture or region, to stimulate associative interpretations instead of forcing any specific opinion upon the audience. For all audiences: the performers do not even know themselves what is being said on stage. So please do not panic.

THERE premiered in Vilnius in 2001 and received the Hedda Prize the same year. With a mixed cast of dancers and actors, the performance exhibits a mix of modern dance, slapstick humor and interpersonal conflicts, and has been described as an evocation of Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”. More than 100 shows around the world, proves that the theme is relevant to all regions and cultures, and 19 years after its premiere, we set out on yet another quest to pinpoint human insecurity!

Thursday 26th of November 19:30
Friday 27th of November 19:30
Saturday 28th of November 18:00
Sunday 29th of November 18:00

All performances sold out!