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Jo Strømgren

Artistic Director

Educated as a dancer. Freelance choreographer with a vast range of commissions for ballet companies and contemporary ensembles. Frequently engaged as a theatre director, predominantly with Henrik Ibsen plays. Member of the Writer’s Guild of Norway with a long list of plays produced by national and municipal theatres in Scandinavia.


Sunniva Steine

Managing Director

Joined the company 2010. Studied medicine at NTNU,Trondheim, where she took her medical degree in 2005, followed by studies of literature. In addition to working as a physician, she has amongst other things worked as Communication Manager at the programming scene Teaterhuset Avant Garden (TAG) in Trondheim.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 wjkitv

Guri Glans

Senior Project Manager

Guri has worked with JSK since 2005, as a performer in THE HOSPITAL and THE CONVENT, and also as General Manager and Project Manager. Guri is now doing what she loves the most; combining working as an actress in a diversity of projects with her job as JSK Project Manager.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 cgjn2a

Tine Marie Lund

Project Manager

Joined the company spring 2012. Graduated from Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in 2006 with a bachelor degree in Theatre and Performance Technology. Tine was employed as stage and touring manager at Hålogaland Teater in Tromsø from 2008-12, and has additionally been involved in several freelance projects.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 10zr2mw

Stephen Rolfe

Lighting Designer/ Technical Director

Born in London. Worked from 1974- 1995 as a freelance technical manager and lighting designer for many theatre and dance companies in England, specialising in touring with innovative theatre and dance. Moved to Bergen, Norway in 1996. Has been with the company since the very start.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 k1w0ym

Lars Årdal

Sound Designer

Experience from numerous theatre productions, musicals and dance projects through collaborations with directors like Stein Winge, Svein Sturla Hungnes, and Harry Guttormsen. His sound designs also includes work for film and music. Member of the highly acclaimed industry rock band “Munch”. Has been with the company since the very start.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 voubn4

Ivar Mykland

Video Producer

Background as a construction worker. Also various activities related to a broad range of the performing arts since the mid-eighties. Double bachelor in social anthropology and media science from the University of Oslo. With the company since 1999 as the occasional tour manager etc., and as video producer since 2001.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 6kvyuc

Sara Serrano

Artistic Assistant

Degree in Stage Direction and Art History. Master in Theatre Practice. As an extension of her work in the Stage Arts she has made incursions into the field of installation, exhibitions and multimedia performance; she is also working in management, mediation and cultural production. Originally from Spain she moved to Norway in 2012.


Vaniadoutelvaz red

Vânia Doutel Vaz

The Virus

Educated at The National Conservatory Dance School in Lisbon, Portugal. Has worked with renowned companies as Nederlands Dans Theater and Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, where she has performed original works by Crystal Pite, Jo Strømgren, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Hofesh Shechter, Johan Inger, Jíri Kylian, the duo Sol Leon & Paul Lightfoot, Ohad Naharin and Alexander Ekman, amongst others.

Charlott cv

Charlott Utzig

The Virus

Charlott graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2015, and has since then worked with Oslo Dance Ensemble, Rom for dans/Caroline Wahlström, Marius Kjos and Camilla Myrhe, Ella Fiskum, Sudesh Adhana and Lise Tiller. She also creates her own work and is part of the performing art group De Naive together with Harald Beharie and Julie Moviken.


Mikkel Are Olsenlund

The Virus, There, A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football, A Dance Tribute to Ping Pong

Educated at the Faculty for Performing Arts at the Oslo National Academy of Art 2001-2004. Has worked with different productions, such as “Unge Hamsun”, ”Baller”, ”Singin in the rain”, “The fairyqueen”, “Lille Eyolf”, ”Tørst”, and “Hunting for Nora”. Got kicked out of the football team at the age of 7 for ruff play.

Ivar august 2016 poretra400 7 dok def bw web size

Ivar Sverrisson

The Virus, The Border, The Kitchen, There

Icelandic born actor who joined JSK in 2012. Started acting at the age of 9 in popular musicals at the National Theater in Reykjavik. After graduating from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts in 2002, he played Hamlet for which he later was nominated as actor of the year in Iceland. Ivar has also had roles at the National Theater in Oslo, Norwegian Opera and Grusomhetensteater.

Dsc 4207 kopi (1)

Dag Rune Sjøli

The Virus

Educated at the Faculty for Performing Arts at the Oslo National Academy of Art 2010-2013. Has worked a lot with Oslo Dance Ensemble, as well as several appearances on TV shows an in music videos. “The Virus” is Dag Rune’s first production with Jo Strømgren Kompani.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 22hkv2

Hanne Gjerstad Henrichsen

The Kitchen

Born 1978 in Bergen. Educated at GITIS Scandinavia, Århus 2001-04. Has worked for Haugesund Teater, Oslo Teater Ensemble, and Temte Productions as well as NRK-radio and drama. Also cast in “The Convent”, “The Orchestra” and “The Experiment”.

Ulla marie broch foto john andreassen 7393

Ulla Marie Broch

The Kitchen

Educated at Nordic Theatre School in Århus, Denmark, and postgraduate from The Arts Ed. Drama School in London. Has worked with a wide range of institutional theaters and projects as well as with TV and film. Has great experience with choir work and plays the cello in a band. Also cast in “The Convent”, “The Orchestra” and “The Experiment”.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 1m7ioih

Mikael Rønne

Salve Regina, A Dance Tribute to Ping Pong, A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football

Mikael graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2012, and has since then worked with Oslo Dance Ensemble, Panta Rei Dance Theatre, the National Touring Company of Norway, the Cultural Rucksack, ICB Productions, TV/film, and his own choreography project. Growing up, he spent his spare time doing theatre, acrobatics and circus at KULTA in his hometown Tromsø, Norway.

Henriettehamli kvadrat

Henriette Hamli

Salve Regina

Educated at the Faculty of Performing Arts at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts 2004-2007. Henriette has mainly been working with Oslo Dance Ensemble 2008-2017 and Panta Rei Dancetheatre 2010-2017. Apart from this, her recent work includes “Kaboom” 2015/17 by Subjazz, ”Residens” 2011 by Masja Abrahamsen, ”TidarÅ” 2010 by FRIKAR, ”Elsk Mig I Nat” 2009/10 by ØstreGasværket Teater (DK). “Salve Regina” is her first production with JSK.

Mariamaslåttøy (1)

Mariama Slåttøy

Salve Regina

Graduated from the Faculty of Performing Arts at the Oslo National Academy of Art (2014). Since then, she has been working with Oslo Dance Ensemble, with choreographers like Ole Martin Meland, Subjazz and Jo Strømgren amongst others. Her work also includes the musicals “Chicago” at Oslo Nye Teater and “Singin’ in the Rain” at Folketeatret, the theatre performance “Vinduer” and various TV and film projects.

Ellen lindblad

Ellen Lindblad

Salve Regina

Graduated from the Royal Swedish Ballet School in 2010. Has since then worked several times with Oslo Dance Ensemble (2010-2017), Virpi Pahkinen, Fredrik “Benke” Rydman and Subjazz. Has toured in Norway, Sweden and Europe with several different productions. Currently she has the main role as Clara in Fredrik “Benke” Rydmans “Nutcracker”. Has also done a lot of TV shows, galas and events. “Salve Regina” is her first production with JSK.

Stache1147 resized (1)

Jubal Battisti

Salve Regina

Born in the USA, trained at the Juilliard School in New York City. He performed with Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet (2004-2012) and GöteborgsOperans Danskompani (2012-2014). He began freelancing with Sebastian Matthias in groove / space and is based in Berlin. “Salve Regina” is his third production with Jo Strømgren.

Matteocarvone firkantet

Matteo Carvone

Salve Regina

Born in Trieste, Italy. Educated at the School of Visual Art, and later at the Dance House in Milano. He has worked with names such as William Forsythe, Marco Goeke, Alexander Ekman, Michael Keegan-Dolan, Jacopo Godani, Emanuel Gat, Benoît Lachambre and many others. From 2012 to 2017 he was employed at the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz in Munich under Karl Alfred Schreiber’s direction, where he also participated in Jo Strømgren’s “Hattrick”.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 1m3fcm8

Maria Henriette Nygård

A Dance Tribute to Ping Pong, A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football

Educated at the Faculty of Performing Arts at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts 2002-2005. Her work include ”60 seconds apart” (by Christopher Arouni), ”ODE 2010” and “Living Rooms” (Oslo Danse Ensemble) and “Singin’ in the rain” (Oslo Nye Teater). She also creates her own productions and has worked as choreographer assistant for TV productions.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 14uyyki

Jan Nicolai Wesnes

A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football, A Dance Tribute to Ping Pong

Educated at the Faculty of Performing Arts at the Oslo National Acadamy of the Arts 2001-2004. Has worked as a freelance dancer and choreographer for dance companies and musicals, as well as for TV and film. Has also been assistant director and choreographer for Katrine Bølstad Kompani.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 ze7naa

Ulrike Quade

The Writer, The Painter

Born in Germany. Runs her independent puppet theatre company in Amsterdam. Has written the script for “The Writer” and “The Painter” together with Jo Strømgren, and has designed and made the puppets. In 2017 Ulrike will premiere her 3rd co-production with JSK: “Coco”.

Uqc ester natzijl performer foto bowie verschuuren

Esther Nazil

Coco Chanel

After a short career at Introdance, the Netherlands Dance Theatre and as a freelance performer, Ester received her MA Theatre-science. Since then she switched her focus to combining dance with acting, mimetheatre and puppetry and (co)creating and producing her own multidisciplinary performances and acts. Besides she regularly gives dance-, physical-theatre and puppetry workshops.

Uqc indra cauwels perfromer foto bowie verschuuren 1

Indra Cauwels

Coco Chanel
Uqc ilija surla performer foto bowie verschuuren

Ilja Surla

Coco Chanel
Jsk temp20150710 3489 xwskgu

Jan Ivar Lund


Jan Ivar Lund is educated at Fagerborg VGS Ballet education and Oslo National Academy of Art (pedagogy). He was one of the first dancers in “A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football” and was part of the original cast of “There” in 2001. He has worked both as dancer and choreographer with a wide range of theatres, dance companies, musicals and TV productions.

Thorbjorn harr normal

Thorbjørn Harr


Educated at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Oslo and the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York. Thorbjørn is one of Norway’s most renowned actors and is currently employed at the National Theatre in Oslo. Has starred in several films and TV series both in Norway and abroad, most currently in the American series “Vikings” and “Younger”. He was nominated to the Norwegian film awards Amanda in 2003 for his performance in the JSK film “Destination Moscow”.

Espen reboli

Espen Reboli Bjerke

There, The Department

Educated at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Has worked at several of the major Norwegian theaters, like Det Norske Teatret, Oslo Nye Teater and Nationaltheatret. Experienced in TV and film productions, short films and commercials. Also cast in “Welcome to Faroe Islands”, “The Department” and the film “Destination Moscow”.

Kyrre portrett lav oppløsn.

Kyrre Texnæs


Kyrre Texnæs is a much awarded dancer, actor and choreographer. He was part of the original cast both for “A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football” in 1997 and “There” in 2001, and performed in the feature film “Destination Moscow”. He is a pioneer within the field of arts & business, and the Kyrre Texnæs Studio at Vulkan, Oslo, is a physical space where arts and business come together and create good movements.

Caisa rostad

Caisa Strømmen Røstad

A Dance Tribute to Ping Pong, A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football

Educated at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo. After 2 years with Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, she has danced in several productions by Fiksdal/Lie and Hege Haagenrud in Norway. This is her second production with Jo Strømgren. In the first one, she was 7 years old and Jo was 16.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 1arr9cu

Sverre Magnus Heidenberg

A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football, A Dance Tribute to Ping Pong

Educated as a dancer and dance teacher from the University of Stavanger, and the University Collage of Dance (Danshögskolan) in Stockholm, Sweden. Has worked with choreographers like Marta Liclyter, Kenneth Tillman, Irene Hultmann, Peter Svenzon, Kaisa Gjertz, Charlotta Öferholm, Björn Elisson, and Örjan Andersson, amongst others.

653217 e87ca95e03684874aed62cf391d0e488.jpg srz p 476 752 75 22 0.50 1.20 0.00 jpg srz

Stian Danielsen

A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football, A Dance Tribute to Ping Pong

Educated at the Faculty of Performing Arts at the Oslo National Acadamy of the Arts. Works mainly as a choreographer and has amongst other things choreographed “Landscapes of the Passing Strange” (The National Opera and Ballet, 2014) and “GRIP” (Dansens Hus, 2012). His two pieces “I Reckon” and “Cargo” (2010) has toured Italy, Sweden and France.

Ingri1 lavopplselig

Ingri Enger Damon

The Hospital

Educated at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, Joel Asher Studio in Los Angeles and The Actors Institute in New York City. Ingri has worked with numerous Norwegian institutional and independent theatres, in addition to doing both film, TV and commercial work. For JSK she has been part of the cast for “The Hospital” and “The Orchestra”.


Gunhild Aubert Opdal

The Hospital

Member of Jo Strømgren Kompani since 2005, when she was a part of JSK’s first all-female cast in THE HOSPITAL. After that Gunhild was cast in THE CONVENT and THE ORCHESTRA. She has also worked with Norwegian companies Teater Joker and Teater Grimsborken. Is now living in Stockholm, working at Unga Klara Theatre.

Bilde 3

Suli Holum

A Doll's House

Brooklyn based theatre maker and teacher, Co-Artistic Director of Stein | Holum Projects and founding member of Pig Iron Theatre Company. Works around the US and internationally as a performer, playwright and director.

Bilde 5

Leonard Haas

A Doll's House

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, he has performed in various theatres for almost 30 years. Loves new experiences, like working in Italy on Shakespeare for the local high school kids, and in Oslo with JSK

Bilde 6

Mary Lee Bednarek

A Doll's House

Mary Lee Bednarek is a U.S. trained Philadelphia based performer who loves traveling. She is delighted to be on this journey with the JSK family, and working with both talented actors and friends.

Bilde 4

Trey Lyford

A Doll's House

Trey Lyford was first introduced to JSK while performing at the same venue in Edinburgh. He’s been a fan ever since. He is based in Brooklyn NY and is the Co-Artistic Director of the physical theatre duo Rainpan 43 performance group. Sometimes he teaches for fun and inspiration.

Web photo 3

Pearce Bunting

A Doll's House

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, now living in Minnesota. Graduate of the Yale School of Drama, Pearce has appeared regionally in numerous productions in North America, Scotland, Vienna and Prague, on Broadway and on several television shows, including HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”. He’s a husband to Stephanie, proud father of Milo, and is very excited to be working with JSK!

Jsk temp20150710 3489 1l750h8

Gunhild Hjertaas

The Kitchen

Born in 1986 in Trondheim. Trained in acting at Nordisk institutt for scene og studio in Oslo, studied music at NTNU in Trondheim and singing CVI in Copenhagen. Has produced and acted in musical theatre productions with Teater Framdrift and staged own plays together with Kari Wist Holmen in Holmen Hjertaas Produksjoner.


Severin Romer Iversen


Educated from Bårdar Akademiet 2014–2017. Started out as a juggler, performing on all forms of stages around Norway, although street performances was the preferred style. Is now trying to find out where he belongs, in street performance, dance, circus, parkour or organic farming. Only time will show. “There” is his first production with JSK.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 1avo836

Jørn-Bjørn Fuller-Gee

The Border, There

Educated at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) 2000-04. Employed at Hålogaland Teater since 2005. Has worked in a variety of stage plays including Osvald in “Ghosts” and Soldier in “Blasted”. Has also toured extensively through England, Canada and Norway with his award-winning solo-performance “The strange history of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”.


Ida Holten Worsøe

The Border

Educated at The State Academy of Theatre (Teaterhøgskolan) in Gothenburg 2002-05. Has starred in different plays and musicals at theaters like Hålogaland Teater (2005-2010), Oslo Nye Teater, Det Norske Teatret, Agder Teater and Teater Innlandet. Nominated twice for the Norwegian Hedda-award, as best actress in supporting role, and best actress in leading role (Sally Bowles, Cabaret).

Jsk temp20150710 3489 1jrguv3

Sigrid Edvardsson

The Border

Educated at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo and at Peridancecenter NYC. Freelance dancer with different choreographers and theaters, particularly with Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt. Works also as an actor for TV and as a choreographer for theatre productions. Recipient of the Norwegian Critic Award. Has absolutely no sense of humor, and is extremely boring to work with.


Dimitri Jourde

The Neighbour

Dimitri is born in France. He is educated from The National Circus School, CNAC in Châlons from 1994 to 1998 and since education working both in the dance and cirques-field. Dimitri has been working with directors, choreographers and companies such as Guy Alloucherie and Cirque Désaccordé, Kubilai Khan Investigations (1999-2005), François Verret, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Zero Visibility Corp.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 63hwyc

Line Tørmoen

The Neighbour

Educated from The National Academy of Ballet in Norway. She was engaged with Carte Blanche between 1993-2000 and has worked freelance since 2000 with Zero Visibility Corp, Kublai Khan Investigations, François Verret amongst others. In 2007 Line received Rolf Gammleng Prisen from Fund For Performing artists. From 2013 she is employed by DanseAlliansen in Norway.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 17m9fjg

Geir Hytten

A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football, A Dance Tribute to Ping Pong

He has had his main base as a dancer in London, where he was a core member with Punchdrunk. Also performing with Complicite, Vincent Dance Theatre, Frantic Assembly,The Featherstonehaughs, Daniel Kramer (Sadler´s Wells) and The National Theatre, London/Scotland. In Norway he has worked with iRo kompani og Impure Company.

Sindre postholm normal

Sindre Postholm

A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football

Born in Trondheim. Trained at the Ballet Academy, Gothenburg 2001-2004. His theatre credits includes musicals at stages like the Gothenburg Opera, Haugesund Theatre, Gladsaxe Theatre and the Varmland Opera amongst others. This is his first project with JSK.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 d0hn80

Bartek Kaminski

The Society, The Department

Educated at Oslo National Academy of the Arts 1999-2002. Has worked at several major theatres in Norway e.g. Rogaland Teater, Det Norske Teatret and Oslo Nye Teater. Has been seen in several Norwegian TV-series and films. Was nominated for the Norwegian Comedy Awards – Newcomer of the Year in 2011 and recieved the Aud Schønemann Award in 2012. Also cast in “The Department”.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 1lwpyda

John Fjelnset Brungot

The Society, The Department

Has worked as an actor at various major theatres in Norway (e.g. Rogaland Teater, Oslo Nye Teater, Nationaltheatret), and is presently employed by the Norwegian television channel TV2 as a TV host and actor. John has participated in several of Jo Strømgren Kompanis productions, including the film “Destination Moscow”.

Jsk temp20150710 3489 16808ru

Trond Fausa Aurvåg

The Society, The Department

Educated at Oslo National Academy of the Arts 1998-2001. Leading roles in several movies in addition to commercials and TV-productions, including the Norwegian hit production “Lilyhammer”. Has also a steady career as director of TV-productions and commercials, as well as an actor in various theatre performances, mainly in Oslo. Also cast in “The Department”.



Oscar Udbye

Nora hagen

Nora Hagen


Reidar Richardsen

Eirik brenne torsethaugen 3

Eirik Brenne Torsethaugen


Isak Bjørn

1i vomoc

Tuva Grøterud


Hans Skogen

Sound and lights

Jon Grimsgård

Fredric 280

Fredric Vogel

Audun melbye

Audun Melbye


Board members

Ragna sofie grung moe

Ragna Sofie Grung Moe


Ann-Christin Danhammar

Board Member

Jo Strømgren

Board Member
Anne 10x15shv

Anne Wiland

Board Member