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Do you remember the satisfaction of fixing things?
The lovely weight of a screwdriver in your palm?
The self-assured smile when skimming a user manual?
Well…those days are gone.

Jo Strømgren
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As reality is tangering theatre, illusion seems to become the new truth.
Perhaps this is where puppets can help us.
After all they are the masters of illusion.

Jo Strømgren
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A wise tale about life, that sometimes is terrifying and grim, and sometimes merry and witty. Multidimensional.

G?os Wielkopolski, Poland
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The Writer

A jaw-droppingly impressive production, an explosive performance, a heartrending story of love, misguided patriotism and betrayal: ‘The Writer’ is an excellent example of the immense possibilities of contemporary puppet-theatre. (5 stars)

Venue, UK
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The Kitchen

Tempo, timing and interactions are gleefully precise, and the performance is filled with energy and enthusiasm.

NRK Kulturnytt, Norway

The Hospital

The Hospital is physical theatre at its very best: daring, dark, unpredictable and charged with compressed intensity. The skill and courage of the performers is breathtaking.

The Guardian, UK
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Human and multifaceted, lighthearted and ironic, narrative with a dancer’s expression of character.

Julius Ferraro, Phindie, USA


The result is impressive ensemble work from four performers whose look of unforced, alert connection adds to the mystery and sadness.

New York Times, USA

The Border

Stylish, stylized, alternately graceful and gauche, bleak and bemused, laced with often inscrutable layers of metaphor and meaning.

Philadelphia City Paper, USA

Upcoming tour dates

Nov 1 2016 THE VIRUS NORWEGIAN PREMIERE! Den Norske Opera og Ballett, Oslo, Norway
Nov 2 2016 THE VIRUS Den Norske Opera og Ballett, Oslo, Norway
Nov 4 2016 THE VIRUS Den Norske Opera og Ballett, Oslo, Norway
Nov 5 2016 THE VIRUS Den Norske Opera og Ballett, Oslo, Norway
Nov 6 2016 THE VIRUS Den Norske Opera og Ballett, Oslo, Norway
Nov 13 2016 CZTERDZIEŚCI International Dance Theatre Festival, Lublin, Poland
Nov 16 2016 A DANCE TRIBUTE TO THE ART OF FOOTBALL Kimen Kulturhus, Stjørdal, Norway
Nov 18 2016 THE VIRUS Lørenskog Hus, Lørenskog, Norway
Nov 29 2016 THE VIRUS Showbox, Black Box Teater, Oslo, Norway
Apr 11 2017 COCO - PREMIERE 2017 Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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