The Border

The performance

A man and a woman share a workplace. Mutual respect is a virtue but beneath the surface a territorial war is taking place. And the discovery of emotional addiction. To each other, to the game itself, or a vicious mix of both.

With a bit of imagination, yet another level of understanding is possible. Could this troublesome coexistence resemble a classic border dispute between two nations?

The production is a collaboration between Jo Strømgren Kompani and one of the northernmost institutional theatres in the world – Hålogaland Teater in Tromsø. Even though the full panoramic view to the border dispute hotspot of the Arctic region adds a specific relevance, the theme is universal to the core. Border conflicts exist everywhere.

Length: 60 minutes without interval
Language: Voiceover versions available in Norwegian, English and Russian. More versions on demand.
Premiere: Hålogaland Teater, Tromsø, Norway, September 2011


© Knut Bry
© Knut Bry

Sexy, challenging and entertaining.

Rana Blad, Norway

Breaking borders. (Dice 5)

Nordlys, Norway

Elegant humour. (Dice 5)

Avisa Tromsø, Norway

Previously touring

Canada, China, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Macedonia, Norway, Russia, South Africa, United States


Script, direction, choreography, set design, costumes: Jo Strømgren
Performers: Jørn-Bjørn Fuller-Gee/Jo Strømgren/Ivar Sverrisson, Ida Holten Worsøe/Sigrid Edvardsson
Lighting design: Stephen Rolfe
Sound design: Lars Årdal
Photography: Knut Bry
Music: Tauno Palo, Viljo Vesterinen, Jean Sibelius, Tamara Lund, Armas Järnefelt, Wayne Shanklin, Maria Tanase, Matti Viljainen
Production: Jo Strømgren Kompani / Hålogaland Teater
Producer/General manager JSK: Sunniva Steine
Co-production: Agder Teater